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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Obviously born in the wrong decade


...I mean, it's getting bad.

All day and all night I am searching for mid-century furniture. Vintage dishes and danish...anything.

It all started when I was a kid. For some God awful reason my mother let me express my creative side when we moved into a new house when I turned 10 years old. Picture this, a bright lime green room with black lights, a disco ball and peace signs EVERYWHERE. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Peace sign glow in the dark closet beads, posters, pictures, band aids, t-shirts, chairs, sheets and even a pair of shorts with a sewn on peace sign belt buckle.

I was a full on flower child and loved the thought of one day being a little hippie.

(Funny that I end up working in The Haight district)

Some years went by and my style started to change. Now I was 16 with a boy short pixie haircut and a 1990 red convertible VW Cabriolet. I had my grandmothers scarf hanging from the mirror and the biggest bug eye sun glasses money could buy. Nicole Richie didn't have shit on me. I got a film camera and stayed in the dark room for hours in high school developing black and white film. I guess you could say....I turned a little 60's?

Either way, I was stuck in the past and apparently still am.

My collection of vintage dishes and electronics have grown in the last few years and I get giddy every time I find a new treasure.

This year I have collected:

A New birdcage

New cameras from 1950-1958

A new typewriter

A new lamp

A new suitcase to add to my great grandmothers floral one
New dishes from the 1970's
New Needle Point 1970's Danish Wall Art

New Damask pillow cases

A new mirror

And I've been eyeballing this mustard yellow mid century modern sofa and it's taking everything for me not to spend $1,150 on a new couch that I don't need.

I can't help it.
New Thing to Love: Vintage EVERYTHING!

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  1. Nice Vonnegut under the typewriter. All you need is a pack of Pall-Malls to complete the scene.